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Anonymous said: oh ok my reading comprehension isn't that great. what do you think about det. reyes? i think shes a lot more by the books than irving, but since the books are written by a racist/ableist institution, some of the things she did in the episode had me a little uncomfortable, even though i don't think she's a baddie or anything just because she's antagonizing the main characters.


I’m neutral. I understand that she’s just doing her job in a quiet town that’s gone to absolute shit within just a couple months…however, she’s making things difficult for the main characters. Though, that isn’t to say that’s necessarily a bad thing—every good story needs a few good antagonists and emotional conflict, right? People are complaining that they don’t like her…but I don’t think we’re supposed to like her, at least not yet. She’s certainly not like Irving, who was more easy-going and dare I say a little more compassionate? The way she’s handling Irving (forced elctroshock therapy???) and the way she talks about Abbie’s mother makes me uncomfortable.

I do think that she’ll be a great antagonist and can’t wait to see what she reveals about the Mills sisters and their history.

I like that they’ve added yet another woc…I feel like she may be an ally eventually.

Okay, HOW did I not realize that the actress who played Naevia in Spartacus was on Arrow?!?


I think I might actually die if she doesn’t have a scene with Crixus/Slade. Or maybe I’ll die if she does have a scene with him.

You said love drains a man. It can give him hope.


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And the worst part is how bummed the guys are. I mean, they already suffer enough abuse just being in Glee. I really think winning the game could have eased some of the pressure, at least for a little while.


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Sleepy Hollow [2.02] - “The Kindred”


Nicki Minaj will be hosting and performing at the 2014 MTV EMA’s on November 9th.

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